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    My phone has shut down with a battery sign on the front.. It will not power off with the button, will not react to any charging or anything.. I pulled the battery and powers back on with the same battery sign on the front.. I'm technologically challenged so be gentle.. What's my problem and what can I do?

    Thanks to all who respond..
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    Your battery is simply very low. Plug it in with wall charger and let it charge for at least 10 minutes.
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    It means the battery is low. Could be a bad charger or battery. However, if it gets so low, it will take about 10-20 minutes to charge enough to power up the phone and get rid of the battery symbol.
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    I had it hooked to the computer for about a half hour, I'll try again for longer..thanks..

    It did the same thing this morning, it was on the touchstone all night, woke up with the battery sign, the touchstone got bumped and came unplugged.. I plugged it straight into the cable and it took a few minutes and the battery sign went off but read 100% battery life.. I thought that was weird that it showed low battery and a few minutes on the charger came back as 100%...could the battery be flaky?
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    Battery is probably toast. No biggie, OEM batteries on Amazon for ~$3

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