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    So if you use your device for taking photos and vids you should prolly connect to a PC and back up right? Well the only problem i if you delete some photos from your phone the next time you back you could erase some of your back up photos because the Pre re-numbers photos that could potentially be the same number you already have.

    Just curious how people deal with this, or am thinking wrong?

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    I really don't take enough pictures with my phone to worry about such things, but, one thing you could do is every time you move your pics off your phone onto your PC, just make a new folder for each time you dump the pics, name the folder whatever the date is for reference. Then you won't have to worry about overwriting a picture with another of the same name.
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    I recommend you install the "Improved Photo Naming CIMG" patch. My photo names are now date-time stamps and will never overwrite.
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    Making new folders creates a logistical nightmare!!!! Keeping track of each photo - yikes!
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    I don't do
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    I never had that problem. Most computers will let you know if there is already a file with the same name and ask if you want to overwrite or not.

    My mac automatically just makes it file #2 and saves them both.

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    Every time I back up my photos using Win 7, it sees the duplicate file names and it asks me to copy over the old file, copy both making a new name, or don't copy. I just let it copy and re-name, so the file gets an (2) or (3) or whatever added to it. I have a Palm Pre Photoroll folder in My Pictures for all of my backups, then I also copy the individual photos to their own descriptive folder ("trip to Philly," etc.). That way, I have a second copy in case I screw it up.
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    I tend to dump all the photos in the same folder (mostly). They always have unique names after using the "improved photo naming" patch.

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    You could always upload your photos and videos to Zumo or etc that way it frees up space on your phone and you will always have access to them using one of the apps available for webOS.
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    i don't take a ton of pictures but when i do, and with my phone, i save it to a folder, and if it's worth saving permanantly i upload it to google pictures. as for overwriting stuff. i just hit "don't replace" and i rename.
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    That reminds me, i gotta back up my photos!!
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