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    Can some of you gurus on P|C help me to understand some aspects of Palm Profile.
    I am running an unlocked GSM (O2) German Pre on an Australian network. I've had the phone for 1 year and it works just fine. I have also purchased some Apps from the Euro Catalog.

    My questions are -

    1. If I buy a new GSM unlocked Pre to replace my current one, I assume I can sign into my Palm Profile on this new phone and it will restore the contents of the my Palm Profile i.e. it will not get hung up about different serial number and IEMI?

    2. What if my new phone was sourced from a GSM carrier in North America, where the App Catalog is different from the Euro one. Would my Euro Apps in my Palm Profile be restored to the American phone?

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    if you sign back into your profile but have moved to a new location I would tend to believe it would download what's in your profile already . Of course I won't promise that's the case . But that's what should happen.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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