I just bought a new unlocked Palm Pre PLus from Us(AT&T). I'm in India and when I switch on the phone, its asking me to create a palm profile. When I enter all the details and click enter, its not getting connecting and giving me two options - a) try again b) change phone settings.

When I click on b) and enter the APN of my network provider ( Tata Docomom)..it is giving me an error " unable to write settings". I have a GPRS plan activated on my phone and I can connect to Internet using the same APN on other phones. I even bypassed the palm profile page using bypass tool but cant access to Internet or App Catalog. Now, what is the use of buying such expensive phone without being able to use it main features which requires Internet. So, I did the partial erase so that once again I can try creating the palm profile but I cant asI am getting the same error. Can some one help me plz??? You can also call me on 9702383393 if any one can help me? Thnx. () Or else, please give me a missed call and I'll call u back. I hope some one can help me. plz.