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    I just got back my Palm Pre from Palm UK after catching the dreaded Phantom Taps Syndrome. It took about 4 weeks to have it shipped to and from Manila. At least the repair was free

    Anyway, I'm sure it wasn't like this before, but now I can't seem to get the "&" sign when I press Option-A. I get the A-umlaut instead. The "&" ampersand has been shifted to the ,_ (comma/underscore) key. And other keys have been remapped.

    I'm using webOS 1.4.5, World Ready 1.3. And selected English-US keyboard and English-US language. Could that be it?

    Help! >.<
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    You aren't alone. Have you seen the thread in the german forum nexave?
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    Holy.. thanks somline! That's exactly the answer I was looking for! Consider this thread solved and closed!

    In summary, Palm UK flashed my Pre with the Pre PLUS firmware. I just compared my keyboard mapping with my cousin's Pre Plus and yep, the umlauts and other keys are definitely in their right places -- a perfect match!

    So it's either I continue with the Pre Plus firmware, or shift back to the original Pre version.


    Buy me a Pre Plus keyboard mat and replace my Pre's stock keyboard. But I'd have to void my warranty. Hmmm.

    (and I just finished reinstalling everything. sigh)
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    Could somebody confirm that I only need to run the Pre version webosdoctor 1.4.5 to fix this?

    And that all my USB drive files will still be intact?

    Please? Muchos gracias! :P
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    I just doctored my Pre but I'm still getting the wrong keys. >.<
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    Maybe it's deeper than webosdoc. Kind of firmware for keyboard.
    You may ask Rod from webosinternals.

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