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    Got the Palm Pre+ with ATT and every now and then, but with more frequency of late, the phone just stops receiving data. Internet data. Texts still come in, but no email, no web, no Facebook, twitter, etc. This goes on until I power cycle the phone (reboot doesn't do it).

    Any thoughts on what might be causing this, or another way to fix w/o power cycling?

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    First I would try enable airplane mode and disable after.
    Or disable data ans enable.
    If this works it looks like the problem when switching networks wifi->3g->2g.
    Sometimes it takes some time until connection is reestablished.
    There is actually a thread here about it somewhere
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    Same thing has been happening to me almost daily over the past 2 weeks. EV icon showing, randomly just won't get any data - have to go into phone prefs, update network settings and prl, then it works again.
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    I seem to have discovered a workaround of sorts that works for me. I have a Mode Switcher profile called "low power" that turns off everything but the phone itself. After a few seconds, mode switcher realizes the battery isn't actually under 10%, so it switches everything back on and then it works.

    Messed. Freakin'. Up.


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    I have had this problem for the past almost 9 months on and off and both my phones. The first one I just turned airplane mode on and off and everything went back to normal. After gently smashing that phone in the hood of my car I got my replacement (yay for insurance!) It worked great for awhile and then started back into the same thing. 3G symbol there... but when I would go try and access anything requiring data it wouldn't work. cycle airplane mode and suddenly i get 5 new emails and a few other data notifications. I have a patch that gives me a data toggle on/off which makes life easier but still rather frustrating since I never know when the data stops. All in all it is extremely annoying and makes me miss my old htc. So.... if there is ever a fix that someone realizes, that would be just great.

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