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    Was trying to look into my carrier banner and came across these instructions:

    Originally Posted by lswishmeier
    so how can i modify a patch to make it the carrier string to what i want?

    0. If you're on Windows, download Notepad++. If you're on Mac, idk. Google for a decent text edtior, preferably with highlighting, not required. If you're on Linux, you're fine.

    1. Download the attachment from this post:
    Any way to change carrier banner?

    2. Open it in your text editor.

    3. There are two lines to change. You know which ones they are because they have /*Edit this line*/ at the end of them. Change them to what you want to say. Keep the quotation marks, like so:

    this.carrierText = "carrier text here"; /*Edit this line*/changed for me to

    this.carrierText = "lithiumflower"; /*Edit this line*/

    4. Save

    5. Install with WOSQI or copy it to your Pre and install with Internalz.

    6. Luna-restart.


    I've downloaded Notepad++, edited the approprate text and saved it (which it saved as a Notepad++ file). Do I just open WebOS Quickinstall and select that Notepad++ file to copy to my pre?
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    Ohhhhhh, nevermind! It worked! I need to start trying to stuff before asking questions...sorry. Just don't want to do something stupid and fry my Pre Plus. Which doesn't explain why I didn't wait for any confirmation responses.......

    Looks super cool though!

    ...I suppose this thread can be deleted!
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    If u ask or investigate where your going, u can also use internalz to dive into the phones code to get, delete, prprpr $change$ $something$

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