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    I gotta question anybody know why my pre doesnt sync automatically after doctoring it or after a device erase? it always says that my passwords are wrong for my accounts but my passwords are all the same for every account even my palm profile account ? any ideas why this happens?

    i must of doctored my phone over 30 times and it seems to happen every single time!..just trying to figure out a answer on why?
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    That's a security thing. The password isn't stored in your profile so only you can enter it to provide access to your email.
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    are u serious? wow ...thanks...always thought it was a problem with my profile..ok
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    Otherwise, I could find your phone in a bar, doctor to get around the screen lock, and then have unlimited access to your email to receive new passwords as I log in to every website I can find where you have an account with those email addresses...
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    yea but wouldn't you still have to login into my profile which you wouldn't know the password to?

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