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    I cannot find where the Music Library is. I have an app that is a Media Player and won't start a playlist because my pre doesn't have a Music Library. I have MP3's but no Media Player so I went and got one. Help
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    Open pre type m u s i c

    Should show the library.
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    How do you not have a music player? The Pre comes with one on there and I don't think it can be deleted. The app is just labeled "Music"
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    Your post is confusing. First you say you have a Media Player then you say you don't.

    Anyway, the music library can be accessed by plugging in your phone to a computer, selecting "USB Drive" when prompted, opening the Pre as a file folder and going into the folder called Music. Copy your MP3 files to that folder and EJECT the phone in your file explorer to disconnect. Run your music player and you should now have music to play.

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