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    I bought a pre plus over the weekend, and I suspect it wasn't charging for the original owner, but I'm hoping someone has had luck messing with the guts to fix this.

    (not charging with stock cable plugged in, on touchstone, in car on stock cable, or a blackberry charger)

    I did my pre minus conversion, software loaded up fine, everything great, until I noticed my pre plus wasn't charging. I went through all the novacom suggestions, and have even doctored my phone a couple times. I think it's hardware. I've swapped the verizon board back into the pre plus, booted it up, still not charging.

    Has anyone dismantled their pre to correct a charging issue?
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    I know it's been a while since you posted this... but I'm currently dealing with the exact issue. I been told to check the BATToRSP and BATToCH and make sure they match the originals, but for me that was not the problem...

    Did you have any luck with your issue? If so what was the resolution?


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