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    I can get the screen to not shutoff/lock when charging, thats easy. I want tbe be able to do that when the phone isn't charging and running a specific app (google maps). I have the option to never lock the screen in my screen/lock settings, but only the default settings are available through MS. Anyone go any suggestions on what I am doing wrong or are the non-default lock times not supported through MS?

    Other than that I am loving it.
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    you can add screen settings to a mode to choose when the screen turns off, but the highest option is 5 minutes. The n"never" turn screen off option will probably be added to the nxt version of mode switcher.

    here is a work around right now. Take off screen settings for your mode. Add the " advanced configuration for system preferences " patch to your phone, and do a luna restart. Then, go into your screen and lock preferences app. There is a setting there for when to turn off the screen, and a new option for "never". Choose never. Now you can ad the screen setting to whatever mode(s) you want that have the screen stay on. The default will be 10800 minutes. Then you can go back to your "screen & lock" preferences app, and change the screen off time back to whatever you want it to be normally.

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