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    Any patches you guys know that help your battery? I was doing good for a while and now my battery is just taking a vacation
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    Have you used Dr. Battery to check the battery health?

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    No, not yet I'll check it out thanks
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    It's worth it, to see if your battery is just getting old and needs replaced or see if it's something else.

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    I was sure my phone was screwed up, my battery life just tanked, almost overnight. I Doctored it twice and no improvement. I Dr. Battery'd my battery and it showed it was at 54%, I re-calibrated it and saw a big improvement, but still 63% of original life. But the information from Dr. Battery was enough for me to order two more batteries from Amazon for $3 a piece. Nice app.
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    I also got new batteries off amazon, but you have to watch out for those. Inspecting them with Dr. Battery shows that they weren't above 90% health, as opposed to the batteries that came with my phone that were at 97% health.

    One thing you could try is using uberkernel+govnah and using the screenstate governor to run your phone at a slower clock speed when you're not using it. I have the minimum speed at 125MHz with no problems and a much improved battery life, but you'll have to test it to see if your phone can be stable at those slow speeds, and run it at the slowest stable speed. You can then set the maximum from 500MHz to 1GHz. I set it to 1GHz to see my phone fly.

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    Well, I appreciate what you are saying (rsanchez1) but, I have Govnah and uberkernal, and had it at 125/1000, 125/500, 500 and no matter the setting it would not make it past noon. After calibration, it lasted til 3pm.
    New $3 battery from Amazon that arrived today, has 100% health.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna View Post
    New $3 battery from Amazon that arrived today, has 100% health.
    Please always mention if it shows you the value with or without calibration.
    Without calibration this means nothing. If you would buy a 10 years old, never used, battery it still will show 100% without calibration. But most likely not after calibration.
    Just saying.
    I would buy these Amazon's oem's but they are not availably in Germany.
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    turn logging all the way down
    install end overlord monitoring
    apply muffle system logging
    report back with results
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    If you are in an area with poor signal quality, using the "roam only" mode makes a huge difference.

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