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    I have three issues:

    1) My phone rolls to voice mail before it finishes one ringer cycle. This is less time than it usually takes me to get the phone out of my pocket.

    2) If I touch my phone ANYWHERE (On the screen, on the rocker or power button) as I take it out of my pocket, it ignores the call.

    3) Less important, but still an issue... when I really NEED to ignore a call (i.e., when I am on another call, it tends to not respond, or keeps beeping in my ear even after it registers as an ignored call.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? Is there a way to make it so ONLY the onscreen button ignores a call? Is it possible to set the ringer to 10 or something longer than what it is, so I have time to get to the phone?

    I just missed a call from our daughter's pediatrician, whom we paged about an emergency, and I have to wait for her to call me back, because I couldn't get my phone out fast enough, and couldn't do it without touching something that sent the call to "ignore".

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    I'm pretty sure that value is set in the carrier network. Call customer service for your carrier (*611) and ask if they can raise the value for number of rings.

    I had that issue years ago and Verizon did that, but things have changed over the years so it may be handled differently now.

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