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    Quote Originally Posted by ursula View Post
    Whatever makes the user happy
    Lol, true.

    My 16 year old teen made a joke the other day about me having a LOT of apps on my new Pre. She may have 7 apps added to hers, half I put on her phone i.e. an SAT prep and other useful educational programs. haha

    She thought I was extreme...... until I surprised her and downloaded a Drake theme on her phone, she was so in awe! Lol, she replaced it with her fav Marilyn Monroe which is so awesome.

    Told her about having an open mind about apps and other things new.
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    Application: 95
    Kernel: 1
    Linux App: 4
    Patch: 15
    Service: 2
    Unknown: 2
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    app: 136
    kernel: 1
    patches: 61
    theme: 1
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    82 apps
    1 kernel
    53 patches
    always a theme....
    I'm a proud Pre- owner and love my Pre and WebOS!
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    I've got quite a few apps + patches. A good number of them are paid: 20 just installed, probably more that I deleted. Beyond that, Preware is listing 193 installed packages, with 140 listed as applications, 9 optware packages, 43 patches, and UberKernel.

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    Installed Packages = 284, The breakdown is as follows:

    Application: 230
    Kernel: 1
    Linux App: 5
    Linux Daemon: 1
    Patch: 30
    Service: 4
    Unknown: 13
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    Here are my files broken down:

    Application: 40
    Kernel: 1
    Linux App: 4
    Linux Daemon: 1
    Patch: 32
    Service: 1
    Theme: 2 (1 basic, 1 for VK)
    Unknown: 4

    This is what I have so far, but the day is young.
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    Total installed applications: 391 (via Save/Restore)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToddK View Post
    Total installed applications: 391 (via Save/Restore)
    Thanks, I hadn't installed "Save/Restore" until today.

    Can someone tell me where I can find "MoJo"? (saw it in the screenshot pics for Save/Restore.) I searched Preware and the App Store but I cannot find it. I know some files are in subfiles not easily located.

    I find the default messenging program a bit boring. I have the plain Pre.


    Found it:

    Mojo Messenger | A chat application
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    I have 92 Aplications and 32 Patches on my Pre Plus.
    I don't theme or overclock.

    I am a happy Verizon launch day Pre Plus owner with no hardware problems.
    I love my phone and webOS

    I think I'm going to miss my 4X4 icon launcher when I go to webOS 2.0.?
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    I have 123 apps (that didn't come with the base OS)

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    According to Save/Restore I have 238 installed applications, and Preware says I have 215 installed packages. Preware details:
    Applications = 188
    Linus Applications = 4
    Misc = 1
    Patch = 15
    Service = 4
    Unknown = 3

    Is that a lot? I don't have themes and so far I have not overclocked...but I'm tempted (on overclocking, not themes).
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    Apps 155 Patches 12 about 10 other(Kernel, Service, etc)
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    66 Apps
    41 Patches
    127 Total with everything else
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    94 Apps, 46 patches
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    Installed Packages: 282

    Apps: 132
    Linux Apps: 1
    Linux Daemon: 1
    Misc: 1
    Patches: 111
    Plugin: 1
    Service: 5
    Theme: 1
    Unknown: 23
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    I have an update to my previous list. When I went from my 3rd to 4th Pre, for some reason not all of my apps got reloaded into my new phone. I almost made a thread about it, but I figured, I know what apps I really use, and I did have a fair amount of apps that I had collected that I just a) didn't use anymore or b) used only once.

    Just activated my 5th yesterday, and now it decides it remembers ALL the apps that I had previously, and so after 3 hours of reloading, I have a lot more now.

    My patch numbers have also changed, apparantly I thought I knew how to save them so I could quickly get them all back on, but also, quite as apparantly, I thought wrong

    180 apps
    2 Linux Daemon
    13 Patch
    6 Unknown

    I'm sure during the course of my work day today, I'll be finding those missing patches that I used to have and those numbers will change
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    I have a Pre Minus, so there is limited room for (good) apps if I want to have some music, take some pics and video. I try to never let my available space go below 3GB. Its the longtime Windows user in me, I worry about degreded performance with too little free space, and I don't want to have to worry about whether or not I have room to video something.
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