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    is freeteher really free? I'm on verizon and I need to know if goes toward my 5gb for mobile hotspot or if goes off data (i pay 30 for unlimited data and web acess)
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    The current wisdom is that it looks like regular phone data as long as the MHS app isn't running. Test it first to see what shows up a few days later on your myVerizon page to make sure Verizon hasn't gotten smarter recently.
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    If you're on Verizon, Mobile Hot Spot should be free. You'll have that 5gb cap, but you shouldn't have to worry about that too much...
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    I thought verizon gave mobile hotspot service for free to webos users.
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    The app is free 2 use. But your provider may not want that u use it. You have to check your contract.
    I hate that some provider offer you "full internet" on your device. But if you read the fine print you'r not allowed to VoIP, Tether or what ever.
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    I wish I could just pay one time for DATA access and be able to use that, on my phone, tablet, net book, laptop, desktop, PS3; at my parents house, at my apartment at college, and while mobile. (obviously not all at once)

    Why, Why, Why
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    With GSM you almost have that. Stick the sim into phone, tablet, USB stick and you have it.

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