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    Wet iPhone or Android? No Problem!!! Watch this video that was posted on the front page of that shows a video of drying out a Palm Pre...guess they didn't think it was important enough to mention in the article. The Pre makes an appearance around the 1 minute mark and it was on the front page about to become emerged in water.

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    i like that roadsms app for droids at the very end of that video...sounds like a cool app idea for webos 2.0
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    I dont think that was a pre.
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    They couldn't remove the iPhone battery, so they need to include something with a battery that can be taken out!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    I dont think that was a pre.
    The battery she put in the rice was definitely not from a Pre...
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    Didn't the phone look a little odd for a Pre, just seemed a little too long and cantaffordit is right, that definitely wasn't a Pre battery.

    Whatever phone it was had Verizon written across the bottom, where the gesture area would be on the Pre and that isn't on the Verizon Pre+.
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    that a kin lol nice try dude

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