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    I get probably 2 days battery life with Preware. I mean sure if I use the phone tons the battery life spirals rather quickly, but that's true of all phones.
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    Hello, all. After watching this forum from the shadows, and reading up on Preware and the wonderful homebrew apps from the equally fabulous homebrew community, I finally decided to take the plunge. I haven't overclocked as yet; I wanted to ease into things, since I worry about battery life--so I installed some patches and apps, to "test drive" some homebrew goodness.

    The 9 patches that I've installed on my Pre Plus are: 4x4 Icons v1; Battery Icon and %; Character Counter; Enable Add/Delete Pages; Glass Effect; Time Stamps Clean; Unhide Dev Mode Icon; More Reminder Alarm Times; and Snooze Duration Selection.

    The apps I installed are: Preware; Save/Restore; Dr. Battery; Luna Manager; Internalz; and Govnah (but not Uberkernel, yet).

    I thought everything was fine, until I discovered that my battery was discharging at an alarming rate. I would make a brief call (a minute or two), and the battery % indicator would show a 3-5% drop. Even doing nothing, in a solid reception area, my battery would discharge 10-15% during the course of an hour. During the course of a few hours, it went from fully charged to less than 30%--mostly while doing nothing. It's never been like this before.

    Can anyone tell me if the patches I have installed are known battery drainers? I'm thinking that it has to be the patches somehow, since the apps are not active (or not active for long/only when used).

    Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can provide. I really appreciate it.
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    Here's 2 patches (I really don't know how they affect the battery life, but they incorporate just about everything you could possibly want, into 2 patches) that are MUST HAVES:
    Advanced Configuration for System Preferences
    Advanced Configuration for App Launcer
    (both by sconix)

    as well as :
    Device Menu Maxed Out Ultra(warlord)

    I am also 99% sure that using the Uberkernel v1.4.5-119 has some sort of battery voltage optimizer that will give you slightly better battery consumption, but there are so many variables (volumes, brightness, etc)

    regardless, I highly recommend those 3 patches, I have a total of 17 patches and with light-moderate usage I can survive a day.
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