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    this is the problem am having with emails

    I reply/forward from palm pre but outlook and OWA does not who that I replied/forwarded

    I reply/forward from outlook or OWA but my palm pre does not show that it has been replied/forwarded

    outlook and owa show when I reply/forward from either or

    Is this a Microsoft Exchange Services problem or the Palm Pre does not support full synchronization.

    I was able to do this with my email set up as imap but now have issues with Exchange

    any ideas. Help is greatly appreciated.
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    I use a hosted exchange server through DNAmail. I don't have those problems. My forwards and or replies sync between palm and outlook. I had used Godaddy's hosted exchange in the past no problems with them either.
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    I was going to post a similar question yesterday!

    My work had Exchange 2003 and if I responded from my Pre it would show up as responded to in Outlook.

    This summer we migrated to Exchange 2010 and my Pre and Outlook no longer sync the replied or forwarded icons. The web version of Outlook and Outlook do, but nothing with the Pre.

    Is this an Exchange 2010 issue (happening with other mobile devices) or an Exchange 2010 implementation on the Pre that is preventing this?
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    I have always used Exchange 2007. Never used 2010.
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    I also notice this issue with my Live account set up as exchange. I can't remember if my IMAP gmail would sync icons.
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    I dont know what Microsoft Exchange online services is using. If exchange 2003 or 2010.

    This also happens with hotmail setup as exchange.

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