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    Hey guys I know there have been a couple of other threads about this but my issue is a bit different and I couldn't find a solution.

    My volume button is physically broken. The piece broke off but I could still press down with a pin to get volume up and down. Now I'm stuck with only the down button which I somehow accidentally press often so slowly im losing all music capabilities on my pre. Is there any way to control the music volume without the side buttons? (I also lost my headset a long time ago, cant remember if there was volume on it regardless)

    Thanks in advance
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    Which music player do you use? The Palm player doesn't have another way to adjust volume and it isn't tied to the ringer volume. I think there are other players in the catalog and preware that are tied to ringer volume that could work.

    But, you now have other issues, most serious of which is you can't get into recovery mode if that is ever necessary.

    Are you on Sprint? I read that they will repair it for a flat $35. You could also find a non-working Pre on ebay for cheap and get parts from that...
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    both really helpful, thanks a lot guys. I am actually bell but you reminded me that i have a spare broken pre sitting around, so i can replace the parts. And in the mean time I will use that use that patch. Thanks again.

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