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    @John Steffes - thanks! Sorry - I lost track of this discussion and forgot to reply earlier. I still have this issue with my PrePlus (which I did not use for months now). I think this device is on webOS 2.1 (that was the highest version for the PrePlus -right ? -- not sure how you got 2.2.4 on that device?)
    Would upgrading to 2.2.4 also bring the catnip along? If yes then I might consider an upgrade for that device.
    Are there any parameters to fix the touch sensitivity? Perhaps I can decrease the sensitivity and the ghost touches are gone ???

    EDIT: I found this discussion because of the "stop hidd" keywords.
    Will have to look into see if there is anything to do with Touch Sensitivity, but I do not remember within the PmTpUpdater (binary on Pre series), there is no catnip for older devices only on the newer HP/Palm Devices, so catnip will not help you.

    How I got webOS 2.2.4:
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    I had this problem more than once with a couple pre but never with pre2. Got replacements at sprint, but now I'm wondering if this problem only occurs on the plastic screen phones.
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