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    No brainer, install UK and overclock.
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    My Pre has been overclocked now for 14 months with no ill effects.
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    Go for it. Makes a sluggish phone into one that is a joy to use.
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    well this sure encourged me how do u even get 1.2 ghz o_o
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    Uberkernal is a great improvement for the phone. It is and will always be a personal choice. I have used it for some time now. The possible consequences are negligible for using it. webOS Internals has done a lot to protect end users in this space. There is always a chance of something going wrong so read the threads on over-clocking FIRST!

    I have had the USB door issue but I have been one of the unlucky users. I was able to use my first Pre for about 8 months when the screen stopped responding. I have had 5 Pres total. I am a heavy user so don't let that scare you. I probably put more stress on my phone than I should.

    Happy Homebrewing!
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