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    I was going to write some long, drawn out narrative about what happened to my Sprint Pre, but I really don't feel like it. It got soaked in coffee and looked like ***. Friend had switched to T-Mobile, gave me his Verizon Pre Plus.

    Enter the Sprint Pre Plus.

    Really, it's amazing how much of a difference the extra RAM makes. Just . . . wow. Not only am I in love with the phone all over again, my co-worker with his whatever-it-is Android phone (also on Sprint) is completely blown away by the phone, and especially with webOS.

    Sprint Pre Plus: FAN-tastic.
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    I tell you, when I go in my cars set my pre on the touchstone, and it launches bluetooth, turns it on and connect then start playing my music it is pure magic. And the way how webos launches apps it looks so good doing it. I am always impressed, not to mention my passenger. Wouldn't want any other phone.
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    did you franken pre it or did you somehow activate your pre+ esn on sprint?
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    My co-worker can't stop looking for a Pre/Pre+ on eBay. He knows about the February 9th event, but he's so utterly smitten with webOS he can't stop looking.

    I can't say that I blame him. The phone is seriously rockin' again, and I am suddenly very willing to wait and see what Sprint is bringing next, and when.
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    did you franken pre it or did you somehow activate your pre+ esn on sprint?
    I FrankenPre'd it. Swapped the COM boards. It was easier than I had feared, but maybe the fear was what kept me careful. LOOOOOVE it.

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