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    When the tube train I'm on goes underground my Pre is obviously unable to make or receive calls, send texts, etc. However the top bar only shows that there are no bars of signal. The carrier stays as "O2 - UK" and more importantly the 3G icon stays on. "What is my IP" shows that the 3G interface is up and running and gives an IP address.

    When I emerge from underground (about 20mins later) the bars come back and the 3G icon remains. However the IP address remains the same and no program can access the internet (although they keep trying desperately) until I put the phone in airplane mode and out again. It appears that the IP address expires maybe.

    I have the patch to allow me to toggle data on and off from the top bar but this is hit and miss, as is toggling airplane mode. Sometimes the 3G comes back quickly sometimes not at all, I have to toggle airplane mode again to get it to come back.

    Why does my phone not go to "No Service" as it should do (it does very occasionally)? Is there some patch that could have caused this? Is there any tweak or patch I can use that will make the phone check it has a working connection and if not refresh the settings to get a new IP address?

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    Interesting. There are a number of threads recently about people's internet (3g) connections failing randomly, mostly when coming off WiFi. I wonder if the issues are related.

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    My phone has the same problem, except it happens randomly in places where I don't usually lose signal. I don't usually use WiFi, and usually airplane mode fixes it.

    It's really starting to bug me. Very close to calling Palm and/or Doctoring my phone. I would hate to lose my texts, though.
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    I don't know that doctoring's the answer, but I have absolutely no evidence. The more this gets reported (with many carrier/device/location variables), the more I'd think it's related to webOS settings/code.

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    Just an update - I Doctored my Pre Plus (AT&T) back to 1.4.2 then did an OTA up to 1.4.5 and the bug is back. Could this be a hardware defect? I also performed a triple toggle, but it didn't help at all.

    I have insurance on this phone - AT&T should replace it, right?

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