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    anyone else having this problem. I'm listening to espn since we don't have the app and it turns off everytime the screen turns off. Is there a way to fix this. Thanks for any help in advance.
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    the samething has been happening to me randomly while using Pandora on my Sprint Pre.
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    It's been happening to me also with grooveshark especially. It's happened on Pandora once in a while. Only recently though.
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    Do you have your screenstate in Govnah set below 500mhz? When I have mine go below I have that issue.
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    na I have it clocked at 1 ghz.
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    I have that problem with mine as well b/c of how I have Govnah set. I have mine dropping to 125 Mhz when the screen is off. What I do is either plug my Pre in or set it on the touchstone to solve that issue. And if there is no power source around, I change my Govnah setting to 500 Mhz when the screen is off; no issues there either.
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    happened to me. Restarted the phone and has been fine since
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    Our application is designed to be used on a Palm Pre/Pixi as is, out of the box. We can't guarantee how other applications such as Govnah will affect our application as there are just too many variables. Streaming audio is a processor intensive task as the audio is constantly being downloaded, processed, and played back. True streaming audio as found in RadioTime/TuneIn Radio is much more intensive than applications such as Pandora or Slacker where an individual mp3 file is just being downloaded and then played back. An mp3 file has a finite length so the data connection and processing required for a 3 minute file is much less tasking on the CPU. With live streaming radio, the file has an infinite length and requires constant downloading and processing. Dropping the clock speed down while streaming audio will result in problems that are completely out of our control. It's the equivalent of saying, "Hey, if I underclock my 3ghz dual core processor to 500 mhz, can it still run Crysis?"


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