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    I kept asking my co-working about EVO, and he kept telling me the battery life is great.
    Today he shows up, has a extendo battery on it with an extendo back. It is now truly the size of a 1975 Buick Electra. Years from now, I think people will look back on how big phones are right now and laugh.
    I am sure you will be happy with the Pre but in a year, u'll wish you weren't under contract.
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    Short battery life is a normal issue with smartphones.

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    you know what's strange to me is that as a phone and theuse of a phone holy crap it's so great and effective. Fast and light to use. Check email texts go on the net all that. Too bad there is no support from google or other large companies. As in the gps which does kinda suck.

    but it works so well and quick. I don't even notice at times how fast I'm actually doing things .

    lovin this thing so far. Exceeding expectarions
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    the pre is the only phone that is compared to the iPhone? Come on.

    Well an eVo-lution(what a joke) certainly isn't comparable to an iphone or a pre minus for that matter. I will admit that the iphone has the best touch interface out there but multitasking goes to palm, size and feel when using phone goes to palm and of course operating system goes to palm. As for android phones no were near the touch interface of an iphone or a palm device. Even the Samsung Galaxy vibrant doesn't have as good of picture quality to the palm pre nor does the eVo.
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    Glad you are picking it up quickly. It is amazing how you get used to doing things on it quickly. WebOS is quite a bit different from everything else and its ease of use and ability to do multiple things with gestures is truly the highpoint. I cannot wait to see what HP has up their sleeves for Feb 9th. I am really interested in the 'Enyo' updates to WebOS.

    Continue to learn about and enjoy your phone. Install Preware and customize the phone to your hearts content.
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