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    So i doctored my pre for the first time today, and it's taken me the whole day to reinstall all my apps and configure my system just how I had it.
    However, the doctor restored my pre to 1.4.2, which I didn't realize, so I installed my patches under 1.4.2. When I realized this and upgraded to 1.4.5, I had to reinstall all the patches. However, even after uninstalling every patch in the system, it will not allow me to reinstall the 1.4.5 versions because of some residual data from 1.4.2. Is there a way for me to get rid of this residual data without having to doctor the whole machine again? Help would be much appreciated. I can post an IPKG log if necessary.
    P.S. AT&T pre+. I doctored it because I installed and uninstalled webos 2.0.
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    Update preware.

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    okay that worked for most patches but I'm still unable to remove 'Gesture Click Open In New Card (v1.4.2-13)'... help!!
    IPKG log for attempted remove:

    Nothing Interesting.
    -1: Unable to run command: IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT=/media/cryptofs/apps /bin/sh /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/lib/ipkg/info/org.webosinternals.patches.browser-gesture-click-open-in-new-card.prerm 2>&1
    The text leading up to this was:
    |diff --git a/usr/palm/frameworks/mojo/builtins/palmInitFramework338.jsjsjs $b$/$usr$/$palm$/$frameworks$/$mojo$/$builtins$/$palmInitFramework338$.$js$
    |index 2db731c..e36f50c 100644
    |--- a/usr/palm/frameworks/mojo/builtins/palmInitFramework338.jsjsjs
    |+++ b/usr/palm/frameworks/mojo/builtins/palmInitFramework338.jsjsjs
    File to patch:
    Skip this patch? [y]
    1 out of 1 hunk ignored
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    the WOSQI patch manager gives me a similar error
    edit: never mind, used emergency patch recovery. I had heard it didn't work for this type of situation but it did. Thanks jason
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    what is that emergency patch recovery im having the exact same prob
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    Just type emergency in Preware and you should find it.

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