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    Hello all, I bought a Pre Plus (AT&T) this past august. Love it, but two days ago I went to connect it to my iMac (2005 G5 OSX 10.4.11) and I got the usual prompt to put it in USB mode, did that, and when I clicked on the icon on my desktop, the folder appeared empty, but it did show I have 2.5 GB free space. I tried to eject it, but it would not dismount. I then pulled the plug, I got a message on the phone about safely ejecting blah, blah, blah.

    I then reconnected the phone, again, everything was going as normal. then the phones screen changed, from the USB drive, to my normal background, with a USB icon in the bottom right corner. and this time the phone did not show up on my computer. so I disconnected again, the screen went black save for the word palm on the screen. No pulsing, just a slight graininess when it initially comes on and then I suppose the battery would die if left alone, the phone is completley unresponsive.

    my computer recognizes that there is a palm device attached, but I cannot access the data. what am i supposed to do? I ran webOS doctor from my brother-in-laws computer yesterday, and it did not fix the problem.

    I realize I may need to exchange my phone, but I need to get the non-synced data off first. does anyone in this community know how to get "into" the phone to access its memory. I will be willing to pay a small fee, I make less than $10 an hour, and I gots bills to pay, with 4yr old twins, which is why I need the pictures, and video from the phone. I don't want to loose them. I don't spend a lot of time with my phone tethered to the computer so I haven't backed it up in a while. If anyone knows how to do it with a version of Mac OSX with a G5 processor, and can talk me through it that would be better. I just got this phone and I don't want to switch. I can't affor the jump to a new iphone, as it would require a new computer, and really who wants to take a step back with android after the beauty of webOS.

    Please I'm begging you guys HELP ME!
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    Have you tried rebooting the computer, using a different USB port and making sure you are using a PALM OEM USB cable?

    Any one of these can cause problems when trying to USB your phone.
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    I have tried all of the above. as I said I had to use a different computer to even run webOS Doctor to no avail. and although the phone showed up as a drive on my bro-in-laws PC it was still unresponsive when I clicked on it.

    thank you for the reply
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    One way would be using Internalz to email stuff to yoursef if the phone is still functional.
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    This may be obvious but have you tried pulling and reinserting the battery? Also, you might try doing a reset. While holding the power button, flip the ringer switch back and forth 6 times. This forces a reboot as does pulling the battery.
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    You only have to flip the ringer switch 3 times to do the restart.

    You can also do it by using orange/gray+symbol+r.
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    holy shnikies i think it's working ... whoops forgot to put my sim card back in...had to do the multi-key thing again... logging into profile... phone restarting... YES THE PICS AND VIDS ARE STILL THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks verwon i really appreciate the help. now i can stop using my wife's RAZR that is pink and plays Pink's ?So What? when it rings. it's good to be back!!!!!!!!!!

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