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    You may need to delete that email account from your phone and then re-add it. I have problems with mine sometimes and that seems to fix it.
    This worked for me! So good to be able to have my email sending working again!

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    I created a "dummy" gmail account. I then use the outgoing settings for this account on my POP account. It works just fine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekyMom View Post
    Thanks, I opened up a Gmail last night after giving up on Sprints outgoing server. Now I've got to figure out the right settings.

    On the phone with Sprint CS, but of course I have someone trying to get me to get Sprints to work now. So eventually i guess it will be worked out.
    One other option would be GMXMail. GMX.COM is the address - if you sign up for their email you can setup email collectors from their servers to places like Comcast and Gmail without having to use Gmail's forwarding service. You can also setup GMX.COM to set the reply to to a specific account if you wish.

    On top of this the interface from a web browser from your desktop is pretty spiffy.

    If you wanted you could simply setup a new GMX.COM account and link the Pre to that. Then you would setup Mail Collectors for each of the other accounts to get all of the mail collected into GMX.COM and that should solve the issue since GMX.COM doesn't have a problem with traffic originated from the cell network unlike Comcast.
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    Never had an issue with that

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    i was having the same problem with outgoing started with my hotmail account first and then my gmail started over the last 2 days.the phone could freeze up on trying to open a new outgoing email.deleted gmail and it seems to work now.when deleting the accounts it takes a long while (like hours) before it is totally removed before you can re-add the accounts.waiting on the hotmail to delete to confirm that this really works
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