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    hey everyone I just unlocked my pre, everything seems to be working except to be working except the app catalog, any suggestion? Not sure if it matters but I am using the pre on t mobile now.
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    What country are you in and what provider are you using? There are access restrictions for some countries...
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    Carrier is T mobile in the US
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    Did you get a different phone too? Might have to do a partial erase and resign into profile to change registration to T-Mobile. US T-Mobile should work but since you switched carriers/#s in middle....

    Already done a basic reset right??? Try that first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flash23 View Post
    Carrier is T mobile in the US
    If you're using the AT&T Pre Plus on T-Mobile, I've heard that you will not get App Catalog access.
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    Sucks if thats true

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