I got the issue mention exactly in the Palm forum:
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Caller ID mis-matching madness

So, I am a proud owner of a fresh Palm Pre 2 (EU version). It's been a great experience so far, except one thing.
The caller id on incoming calls matches incorrectly.
On most phones, caller id is matched to your phone book starting from the number's end and matching X numbers towards the front. This is because diferrent operators and countries have different ways of displaying and sending area- and country codes.
So for example, if I had the number to Bob in my phone book listed ss
(Gothenburg, Sweden area code 031, which I would use to dial locally)
And the number of needed matching characters (counting from the right hand side of the string) was 7 (which I believe is quite common), then the match would be for 1123456, any incoming call ENDING with that string would be displayed as "Bob".
I would get a match if Bob called me when I was abroad (the network would send +4631123456 ), as well as if when I was in the same country (the network would send 031123456.
For some stupid reason (read: US-centric) the Palm Pre 2 seems to try to match THE WHOLE number. And fails.
For instance, I have some service turned on with my operator that gives me a short-dial code to selected numbers. But the side effect is that I receive call id's with an extra zero in front.
So when Bob calls me, I get 0031123456. Since the first part of the string is 003, the Pre figures someone is calling from country code 31, i.e. Holland!
So instead of displaying "Bob", as the phone bloody well should, I see "Holland" on my display, followed by Bob's number.
This only makes sense if the number format always is the same (I.e., when you live in the US and only get calls from other folks in the US).
In effect, I have no idea who is calling.
Here's my question.
Is there any way to change this behaviour? So that the Pre would use the same system that EVERY SINGLE CELL PHONE I've ever had has used? Matching numbers from the right side of the string for a set amount of characters...
I really hope there is!!
If not, I hope Palm/HP developer team reads about this oversight and take some swift action... It's not a very big deal to solve this issue I am sure.
Thanks for any help!
All the best!

it is a really annoying problems, any user encounter it also??
Some of my fds is using below 2.0, and using pre plus / pre don't have this problem at all. Thank you.