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    On my 5th (or 6th) Pre and this one seems to have lost USB connectivity with my pc. It's been this way for some time now, but I'm tired of replacing my phone. I'm finally at the point I want to start from scratch and see if I can get it working properly again....

    I have tried two PC's, one with XP Pro, one with Windows 7 Pro. I have tried removing battery and powering on while connected with cable and hitting orange key/Option + Sym + U. I have tried the combination with phone on, I have tried the up volume key, I have tried WebOSQI, I've tried the doctor, I've tried about everything. I can see the files with Internals and I have the phone in Developer Mode.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions? At one time I had an app that put it in charge mode automatically when I plugged into PC, but I can't find it to uninstall and I can't install an app that says it gives me a USB icon.

    All I want to do is pull some photos off the device and then either re-install via the doctor or reset it back to factory settings through the phone.

    Thanks for anything....
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    Maybe I should add I'm trying to run Novaterm, not 100% sure what I'm doing but following directions, and it says failed to connect.

    Like I believe I mentioned above, once I tried to take the battery out, connected the USB cable put the battery back in and booted phone. While the little orb was glowing it showed the USB drive, but it wouldn't let me access it, once my boot logo appeared the drive disappeared.
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    Well as far as the photos are concerned, you could always email them to yourself if nothing else? And I honestly would doctor the phone.

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    Emailing is my last option it looks like....about 100 pictures won't be too fun. Unless someone knows a way to do more than one at a time.

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