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    Hello fellow pre-ers!
    Got a Palm Pre Plus a few days ago. WebOS is wow. I have an issue though. After I set my language on the first use app, the phone restarted, and I was presented with WebOS. I didn't get a chance to sign in to palm profile though! It completly skipped that! The First Use app has disappeared. How do I sign in? I don't have App Catalogue and that makes me sad. :-(
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    That's weird that it skipped the FirstUse app... Anyway, you can install the 'Show FirstUse App' patch from Preware. That patch will let you access the FirstUse app from the Launcher where you'll be able to sign in to your Palm Profile.
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    Ok. This is kind of weird now. I installed Show First Use App. I still can't see First Use. I bought this Palm Pre Plus SFR from taobao (Chinese ebay type thingy). The guy shipped a rom cd with it. At first, I was sceptical about flashing that. I flashed a webos doctor I got from Palm's website. However when I flashed that rom, I couldn't log on without a data connexion. China Mobile's login didn't work with it. Any ideas?
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    Sounds like you'll need to use the ROM the seller included on that CD. It's probably modified to work with the carrier you're trying to use it on.
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    Ah, GFN is here. He's knows a lot more about your type of issue than I do lol. He'll help you figure this out.
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    China. Carrier is China Mobile.

    Should I use the CD the seller included? Ok, I'll dig around. I'l let you guys know what happens. Thank you all for your help!
    edit: 1am already? Ok. See you all later in the day!
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    I dug around the CD. I installed some of the bundled apps with WebOS Quick Install. I tried to install First Use, however it still doesn't show up. Is there any way to bypass first use and sign in with my Palm Profile?
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    The best thing to do would be to do a Full Reset.

    Go to device settings -> reset options -> Full reset.

    On reboot it will present you with the first boot screen and you should be able to do it.
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    Will this erase all my videos and music?
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    Quote Originally Posted by isoscelesrectangle View Post
    Will this erase all my videos and music?
    Yes, just back those up to a PC before doing the reset... and follow GuyFromNam's instructions... he is the expert in these matters.
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    I have English UK set.
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    Hi, i did this after i updated to 2.1.0. I need help, first use app isnt showing up tried another patch. No lck should i full earse with wifi on? will it keep my ssid?

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