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    My work email and calendar are supported by Worldclient. It looks just like Outlook. I have been able to get my email notifications to come to my Pre, but for some reson the calendar is not showing up as well. I have my Palm, Google and an AOL calendar that all show up, but my Worldclient does not. I tried setting it up in the claendar preferences, but it tells me that the email account is already set up. Does the Pre just not support the Worldclient? any help would be appreciated.
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    I have the same problem with my exchange calender. It shows up in the email settings. I can see all my email but my contacts and Calender do not since up at all. They dont even list in the accounts for Contacts or Calender. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    I got my fixed. It was a issue with the exchange server I had to make a change on the rights for my user. Here are the directions I used to fix it.
    Exchange 2010 Active Sync Issue
    I hope it helps. You might also make sure it is setting up as an EAS exchange account. First mine setup as an IMAP. I had to make the changes before it would setup as an EAS account

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