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    Could use some help as I've run out of ideas:

    I've had 3 different Gmail accts set up to sync on the Pre since Aug. 2009 with no major issues. Each synced every 30 or 60 minutes and retained 1 month of email,and I always kept the "All Inboxes" window open. No new apps, etc. installed lately, OS was up to date. Then on Jan 3 morning, I checked my email and all of a sudden only the first few (5 or 6) messages were showing up in the All Inboxes. Also, the app claimed to have checked email on schedule, but it turned out to not be displaying any new messages from the last several hours in All Inboxes. The main default Gmail inbox looked ok with all messages displayed, but individual Inbox views for the other 2 accounts were the same, only a few messages showing and would only refresh w/ the new messages when I viewed them. So, email seems to be there but not showing up on screen.

    What I've tried: 1. Noticed my memory was completely full, so deleted music, pics etc to create .8 GB free in case that was the issue. No effect. 2. Several restarts didn't work. 3. Multiple removals/reinstalls of some or all of the email accounts. Still no change, main default account is fine, others won't properly display. 4. THought maybe it's a processor speed issue so successfully installed overclocking (Uberkernal/Govnah) which is great, but still no change in the email.

    I'm at a loss. A working program suddenly decided to partially fry and I can't figure out what to do about it. Any and all input greatly appreciated!
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    Why are you setting up the Gmail accounts to sync every 30 to 60 minutes.

    I have mine set up to deliver mail 'As items arrive'. Spares your phone from having to constantly poll the server and works well.

    Why not try that first as a solution to the problem?
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    Have you also checked the trash in the mailboxes?

    When I was using the Pre, I noticed that regardless of how many days I told it to sync, it always only applied that setting to my inbox and not the other folders.

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    Any solution to this? Today I had the same problem . . . only the five most recent emails appearing in my "all mail" and Gmail accounts, the rest a blank page. As new emails showed up, older ones would disappear. They are not going to the trash, and there is no problem with my other folders.The number count has all the inbox emails but they are not displaying.

    Tried reset twice and deleted and reentered account. Went to Verizon and they suggested a "hard reset." Haven't tried that yet.

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