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    I have a Palm Pre Plus on AT&T. I have had the phone for about 6 months. I have had multiple occasions where the date and time were incorrect by anywhere from 15 minutes to 9 months in the past. I use my phone as a wakeup alarm and it is always plugged in / charging overnight. I have not see the problem occur when plugged in. I have also had multiple events of the phone being off and I did not know it. The frequency of the date and time being incorrect and always in the past is increasing dramatically. I do have PreWare installed, but I turned off the Govnah.

    To determine if the incorrect date and time was coming from AT&T or not, I set the phone to not be updated from network time. After doing that, the date and time were wrong (and in the past as much as an hour) twice within the first 3 hours being off the charger. I set the phone to use network time and rebooted to get back to the correct date and time.

    I'm looking for next steps suggestions.
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    Get "clock sync" from the app catalog. It's free and you can have it update as often as you want.

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