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    Talking to Sprint people on the phone is a horrible experience. I do not recommend it at all. First you have to get past the lowlevel people who don't understand you and whom you can't understand. Then you get some ***** that doesn't know crap about Sprint's new insurance policy and at the end of the day, they STILL might direct you to a store, so you just wasted your time.

    Walked in a store, an hour later I had another phone (refurb, but solid) and the guy was going to transfer my USB drive, but I told him I'd already backed it up at home. Now if you walk out of a store with a crappy phone instead of handing it back to them and telling them it's crappy, well, that's on you.
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    I'm on my 3rd pre all have been issues with the speaker....but the last phone I changed last week actually was a funny story because I went to sprint they immediately ordered a brand new phone which cam in the next day. They wrapped it handed it to me and the first call I made on it the speaker made a horrible skreaching noise as did the speakerphone speaker and this was litterally in the store just out of the box.
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    I was told that the slider is in most cases the cause of the speaker issues? No clue if that's true but it is what I was told. I do know that the first phone that the speaker broke on would sometimes work if you twisted the slider a little
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    Same problem in this thread.

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