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    I've been searching for 2 days for a solution to a music player for my palm pre (OS 1.45). I'm actually looking to play audio books on it rather than music for the most part and the default player just isn't cutting it because of one major flaw. You can't go forward or backward within a single track.

    Since most audio books have longer tracks and I often get interrupted I have to sit through the same part of the book I already listened to.

    Any suggestions? I'm losing what little hair I have left here.
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    you can go forward or backward. Just tap the title of the song, right above the play control, a progress bar will appear.
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    Music Remix will resume playing where you left off, even if you close the app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsgraphicart View Post
    Music Remix will resume playing where you left off, even if you close the app.
    Not only does it remember where you left off (within a track and the track position of an album/playlist/etc.), it will also remember where you left off in every single playlist or flylist individually.

    So the OP could set up a flylist with his audiobook and use the flylist auto-bookmark feature to restore where he left off. This would allow him to also listen to music and restore where he left off in his last played music file.

    Also it has manual bookmarks that leave visual markers on the Now Playing screen. You can learn about the bookmarking features in this demo video:
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