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    I am on my 4th palm pre plus due to odd malfunctions like screen, keyboard and so on. Each time I get a new replacement pre plus I go through the long process of installing preware and going through all the patches and tweaks to set up my phone to run and act the way the broken one was. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF THERE IS A WAY TO DO THIS EASIER WITH A PROGRAM THAT WILL JUST MIRROR THE WAY I HAVE MY PRE PLUS SET UP ONTO THE NEW REPLACEMENT.
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    Before switching, go into Preware and update your saved packages list.

    You can also use Save/Restore and the Pre Backup Utility to backup other data in your phone.

    Pull the backed up files off the Pre to your computer. Then, when you install Preware on your new phone, import those files to your new Pre and use them to get all your information and patches back.
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    Do you still have your old phone activated?

    The easiest things to do are:

    Install Preware. From Preware install an app called Save/Restore.

    Then go back to Preware and create a "saved package list" from the menu. After that, run the Save/Restore app to back everything up. Then copy everything to your PC.

    Once the new Pre is activated, copy everything back to the usb partition of the new phone. Then jump in to developer mode, Use QuickInstall to install Preware. From prware restore your saved package list. You will see all of that homebrew goodness. You can either install them one at a time (helpful to avoid conflicts) or choose "everything" and watch it run. After that, you open the Save/Restore app and restore all the data that it backed up the the USB partition.

    You can get it done in an hour or two, and it's a great activity while you are watching the cotton bowl!

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