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    Hey there. Just posted here for my first time yesterday and coincidentally just encountered an issue with my Pre Plus and wondered if there was a fix to prevent it from happening again and/or if anyone else has experienced it at all.

    I received an e-mail from my sister earlier this morning asking me to give her a call when I woke up. I picked up my Pre, just started typing her name, and her contact listing came up with her Facebook photo, e-mail address, and AIM screen name that I have all linked together under her name, but her phone number had mysteriously vanished from the contact listing. I don't know if this was an issue with my phone contacts or something on her end (removing her phone number listing from her Facebook profile or something to that extent maybe??), but I'm almost 100% certain that I had programmed her phone number into her contact listing when I first got the phone.

    To make matters even weirder, when I went to the phone app's recent calls listing to find her number there instead, it still displayed her name and Facebook photo along with the number as if it were still listed with her in the contacts. But it clearly was not.

    Is this at all a known issue or some kind of bug that can be patched?? I would appreciate anyone's help in this matter. I simply re-programmed her phone number back into her contact listing on my Pre, but seeing as I'm someone who heavily relies on finding contact information through my phone, I don't think I'm going to like random bits of info simply disappearing...
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    If she had it added to her profile and removed it, it will be removed automatically from the contact listing on your phone. Ive gained numbers and lost them that way from friends on facebook, I normally manually add them in after getting them that way in case they decide to remove it.

    Hope that helps!
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    . What data source did the phone number previously come from? If it was a facebook number, she could have changed it. If it came from gMail, check the web to see if it is still there. If it was in your palm profile, check to see if automatic backup has happened lately.

    did you install anything lately? Doctor or erase your phone?

    if you can tell where it came from and what changed at the source and on your device, that would help.

    the reason it is in your call log is that the call is written to the log and is a static record in that view.same is true in reverse. You get a call from someone not in your contacts. You add them to your contacts app, but the name/photo won't show up in previous calls from them that are already in the log.
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    I had a similar thing happen to me.

    Friend texted me, my phone immediately knew it was her, even though I had never knowingly had her number before.

    Then a few weeks later her number disappeared from my contacts list. I had to dig through old messages to find it, except that the number was still under her name.
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    I was thinking it was possible she had changed it on her Facebook and so it changed in the contact listing, but I'm not certain if that's the case, especially since I could have swore I had manually added it myself since she had recently changed numbers during a move out of state. I'll have to ask her the next time that I talk to her.

    Hopefully that winds up being the case though and not some kind of bug or something.

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