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    I roamed this morning and for the first time since getting the Pre 19 months ago I had an EV connection while roaming on Verizons network. What in the creation of man is that all about? Has anyone else experienced this?
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    I have had this happen before. When you are on "Digital Roam" it is still possible to get an EV connection, it may not necessarily be your networks service. "Digital Roam" just means you are not on your provider’s network but still have a digital connection. Also, your battery won't run down as fast as if you were on "Analog Roam"
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    You may have been on a non-Verizon CDMA network. Alltel used to allow EVDO when roaming on their network and I believe Alltel is still around in some locations even though they were purchased by Verizon.
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    In my roaming areas Verizon has blocked Sprint users from access to EV. The same towers, which were Alltel before, used to provide EV roaming. Thanks, Verizon. You bite.
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    Are you guys sure about Alltel? I dodnt even know they ever had coverage in New England, esp. in Rhode Island.
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    I have never seen/used any of it, but yes, Sprint does have EVDO roaming coverage in places. I think the codename is unicorn.
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    This was happening to me also, I thought it was just a glitch or something in my phone from changing my theme. If it is digital roam, then I wonder what made it show up out of no where.

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    Well at my workplace, they have installed Verizon repeaters for cell coverage. I have Sprint service and have had EVDO roaming for over a year. I don't know why, it just is. My colleagues with other carriers are sol...
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    That happened on my friends Pixi when he first got it. Basically we called Verizon and said you have to call like *38 or something and it like updates your network for you. It fixed it so yeah. I don't know I'm on Sprint. Try updating Network settings...
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