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    I have a lousy data plan from my carrier, so I'm trying to minimize data usage as much as possible.
    Looks like most of the data usage is coming from email synchronization, so I want to force the email app to sync only when Wifi connection is available.
    is there a way to configure per application connection verification?
    do you think it will be possible to program it? I'm not familiar with WebOs packages yet.
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    check out an app called mode switcher. It allows you to specify when data or wifi is enabled.

    Mode Switcher is a very powerful app/service that allows YOU to tell your phone to do certain things based on certain conditions (triggers). You can tell it to launch certain apps based on certain triggers (time of day, wifi, gps location, charger, etc), or you can tell it to do certain things based on launching certain apps.
    Some examples:
    Since I dont use data all the time, I only enable it when I launch data-dependent apps (preware, email, google maps, etc), when connected to a charger, and every 15 minutes. This has caused massive battery life improvements.
    I also have it set to enable wifi when I set it on my touchstone at home. It also reboots every other day at 5am.
    Like I said, it is very powerful, and very simple to use. Sconix wrote a simple manual to aid you in your programming, and he is extremelly willing to assist.
    Search for Mode Switcher, read the manual, and if you need additional assistance, PM me.
    Good luck.
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    NABRIL is dead on - Mode Switcher will definitely take care of this. While it can be simple, it is also very powerful and thus can be very complex, if you want it to be. Good thing is there are plenty of folks here who will gladly help.

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