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    Hi there. I'm kind of new here so bear with me a little bit. I'm sort of new the smartphone arena as I only signed my first contract with Verizon back in August 2010 when I bought my Palm Pre Plus. I'm only just now trying to immerse myself into what the rest of this community has to offer -- I just bought a car charger and have my first Touchstone coming to me via Amazon, I'm looking into installing homebrew now, I've been monitoring for some time hoping for news of the webOS 2.0 update any day now and any other exciting news and what have you as well as browsing these forums to see if anyone else finds anything out on their own, etc. -- so go me or something! But I'm just filling all of you in on those specifics to let you know that the rest of you might be a little bit more informed on the specifics I discussed with some tech folks in my local area here.

    Yesterday, I went to my local Verizon store to pick up a car charger as well as a Touchstone and to see if the folks that work there had received any word yet from their Palm reps on when the Pre 2 and/or a webOS 2.0 update will be available. The guy sold me a car charger but did not have any Touchstones in stock and told me that he presumed it was due to HP/Palm overhauling everything in advance of the Pre 2 (though I'm not sure what having zero Touchstones in stock has to do with that). When I asked him about the Pre 2, he said that he didn't know much but that their Palm rep had come into their store a few months ago with one to show off and that they expect the phone to be ready sometime in Q1. I've been seeing most of you guys expecting the Pre 2 to be available on Verizon by the end of January but he said he expects it by sometime in MARCH. I was kind of horrified at the prospects that we might have to wait a couple more months for a new device, but I'm hoping that everything the rest of you have heard about January will be true and that maybe this guy just didn't know what he was talking about (especially since at one point he just referred to the phone as the "Palm 2").

    Furthermore, after I hit the Verizon store, I went to my local RadioShack to see if they had any Touchstones in stock and they didn't have any either despite their website telling me that the item was in stock "in store only." The sales guy there suggested that I try online and that's what led me to ordering one through Amazon. Unfortunately, it didn't appear as though that RadioShack had any Palm products for sale there. Phones, chargers, or otherwise.

    Anyway, long-winded post made longer (I'll be surprised if I don't get at least one "cool story bro" response), I guess my story in a nutshell is HI and just that I've heard we may have a little bit longer of a wait than initially expected.
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    Cool story bro.
    I don't understand the purpose of the line, I don't need to drink to have fun. Great, no one does. But why start a fire with flint and sticks when they've invented the lighter?

    Let's all give thanks to the app that started it all.
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    I wouldn't trust any sales reps as a news source unless they have pictures or video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mapenn View Post
    Hey, don't buy a touchstone before checking out the deal on Verizon's website. It's tough to find, but this article details it: Verizon Touchstone Accessories Bundle Still Available | WebOS Center

    You get a touchstone, car charger, and a pretty decent case for $15 (free shipping).
    YEah, I ordered that bundle 2 hours ago. Great deal.
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    install preware. patch your phone
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    That's good news from the OP!

    BTW, the reason no one has the touchstone is probably:

    a) they will be packed to match the Pre2 packaging.

    b) the touchstone may be included in the standard Pre2 purchase, as it was for the Pre Plus on AT&T.

    c) Accessories are not kept around for future use. They either go with a current phone or the get sold out at great prices. Inventory "turns" are an important metric for Wall Street. VZW already made lots on the touchstones they sold at full price and they are just happy to get rid of remaining stock. If the Pre2 does well, they will bring in a bunch of inventory.

    So load up on them, and grab a bunch of wall adapters on, so each touchstone has an adapter and cable... They are easy to find for under $10 delivered...
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    Quote Originally Posted by protofa View Post
    install preware. patch your phone
    ^^that^^ and overclock it as soon as possible. It will make it an entirely new phone.
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    On another note...

    Welcome to P|C, jiggyflyjoe! Thanks for joining in and sharing your experience. Whether it happens to be true or not - it's just cool to share the potential news here.
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    PS, welcome. And here is more news to confirm the OP:
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    Dang, I bought a car charger and a standalone Touchstone dock already. I didn't realize you could get them bundled together at a reasonable price, especially from Verizon since I get a discount with them through the company that I work for. I guess that really just goes to show how much of a newbie to this whole scene I still am after these few months!

    Thank you for the welcome messages (and for the one expected "cool story bro"!) though and for the tips and stuff! I really appreciate it. I'm looking more into how to patch my phone and do preware and overclocking and all that stuff so I'm glad to know that I have somewhere to turn in case I get confused or lost somewhere!

    I also literally JUST saw a link to that WebOS announcement news from HP/Palm on Twitter, too! Very exciting!! Hopefully that means we've got some really cool stuff headed out way, even if it does mean waiting a little longer than a month to get it.
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    PS, this will eventually get merged into this thread:

    But let's just welcome and enjoy the good news...

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