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    This has happened twice in the last three days. I'll be surfing the net and it just goes nuts. It starts scrolling up and down by it's self and clicking random things. I have to pull the battery to get it to stop.
    I've also got the bad power button problem and the headphone jack is cutting out on me too and if I don't hold the phone just right the speaker cuts out.. I love the phone its self but I'm sick of these problems.
    I went to the sprint dealer a month ago to "get it fixed" and they said they would have a new phone for me in 2-3 days. Well it's been 3 weeks and still no new phone.

    Anyone else having all these problems? I may have to just switch to an Evo.
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    I had a simlar event quite a while ago when I was using a really cheap no name charger. It would happen when the charger was plugged in and immediately stop when I unplugged it.
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    Never mind. Problem is gone. Got an evo... Later all.....
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    It is a known problem with the pre. Although I've only experienced it on 1 Plus, both before and after I plussed my Sprint Pre, my bro in law experienced it on his original Pre. MyPre freaked out after I played with the voltages in Govnah, but he has only used Uber without any further tweaks. I haven't been able to find a solution or a reason for the problem. The phone I'm currently using has it occur randomly, but his had the problem almost with almost every use, rendering it unusable. Digitizer? Processor? Ghosts? Dunno, and I haven't heard anyone from webOS Internals chie in on it either.

    That Evo fix seems to be a pretty good one.
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