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    my cataloge won't work...i used preware to instal application
    but for some games it direct me to can i instal these catalogue aplictions or can i fix this catalogue peoblem?
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    That isn't a problem, but how the system works. If you were thinking that Preware would let you download applications that you can't access through the App catalog because of the country you are in.. that isn't how it works. Preware gives you access to Homebrew applications and such, but for applications that are in the App catalog Preware will show them, but the actual download will direct you to the catalog itself. If your location won't let you download apps from the catalog, Preware won't change that.
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    any solution to get work for cataloge....coz i can't change my location
    that means catalohe will never work for me?
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    Sorry.. but there are no work around's for that once you activate the device in a non-supported country. There are ways to get it to work on devices that have not been activated yet, but once that happens there's nothing that can be done. Sorry
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    little bit more help....if i upgrade my pre version from 1.4.1 to any shuld remains unlock or locked again?
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    Here... try this. I'm by no means an expert in the app catalog blocks over in your parts, but there a guy on here that is. This is the link he puts in his signature. Follow the directions on this link and they will tell you if they can unlock your device for you.

    Special Unlock Discount for P|C members from
    Get your unlocks here - Promo Code = PALM-YN8A:

    I hope they can do it for you. If they can, post back here and let us know!
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    no no you didn't get me....i ma asking if flash my pre to upgrade its version or just flash it for any reason....will its network carrier locked or remains unlock.....coz i unlocked it before in my country....
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    Yes, it will remain locked even if you doctor it to any other software version - changing the software won't change that. Try the link above and see if they can unlock it for you so you can gain access to the catalog.
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    an other thing...i cant fwd mags greater then 160 character any solution for this....
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    Ahh... I don't have my device in front of me, but I believe there is a patch in Preware (under patches/Messaging) that helps with this. Take a look there.. If I'm wrong someone can chime in here with the correct information for you.

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