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    Visited a local Verizon Store in MD yesterday (not the first time I've heard the comment or facial expression from a Verizon Rep) and got a raised eyebrow when I mentioned I was waiting for the Pre 2 phone before upgrading from my BBStorm. Last time the Rep said the Pre was a horrible phone... I'm not sure she really knew much about the phone. Nice Support!

    Just before I talked to the Rep I was playing with the Pre on Display and a woman said her Pre had all kinds of problems - she hovered over my shoulder and said "wow - I didn't know it could do that..." I get the impression that Verizon Pushes what they want to push and ignores the rest. Verizon Needs to support their products better (Biggest reason sales have been "slow").

    From what I've seen on my BB Storm the Palm Pre beats it hands down.
    I'm waiting for the Pre 2 and the "Slate" with Web OS!
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    My Verizon rep(s) actively steered me away from a Palm device. Both of the reps I tried to talk to about the Palm both told me to "switch to Android X.. they did". Both reps did not even know what Preware was. I hope Palm can react to this lack of education at retailers. Both told me the Palm Pre Plus could not copy and paste easily and was an ok muli-tasker. If Palm asked me, I would volunteer at my local store in the interest of spreading good WebOS will all over the world.
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    The Tech at one of the two Verizon Stores we use is a Palm Pre enthusiast. She uses a Pre Plus as her daily driver and turned me on to Preware and patching. She opened up a new hobby venue for me and made me a Palm fan boy. The Sales people at both stores have never tried to sell us an Android phone and have always been helpful when upgrading or buying accessories.

    My experience with Verizon has overall been a positive one and the only issue I have had with Verizon has been around the GPS on webOS. The corporate handling of the webOS GPS by Verizon management has been very disappointing.

    Edit: My family has 4 Verizon Pre Plus phones and not one has ever had to be returned.
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    yet another reason why I avoid the vzw store and do everything on their website or over the phone. They have some tier-3 smartphone specialists that really know/like palm. That's how I found P|C and discovered the things about android that I couldn't live with (at the time).

    one even called me back on his own so we could try some things he hadn't figured out but he knew were important features. Especially because he knew I was syncing directly with outlook.

    the store reps are all contractors and nothing more than android drones. And they will be worse when they have the iPhone to sell...
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    Unfortunate... one of my local VZW stores went absolutely BONKERS over my Dev Day Pre 2 when I was in the mall with it looking to buy an AT&T sim. I popped into Verizon to ask about the VZW Pre 2 and they saw that I was carrying the unlocked one. EVERYONE wanted to play with it, and they were all really enthusiastic about the idea of webOS growing (even went out on a limb to say "Wow, if done right, this would blow the Droid line away entirely!"). Aside from GPS and certain stores, VZW isn't all bad.
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    My store is a corporate store too. Not one rep could figure out how to use blue tooth to transfer my contacts. Not all bad, but needs improvement.

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