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    how does your pre and gestures (using 2 hands?) compare to the single finger D-pad operation with the 755p ? i had all my treo apps and links and favorite webpages and speed dials all keyed to the "favorites" buttons on the bottom of the main screen. a little bit of pressure on buttom of thumb opened the favorites pages..then pressure on right side of thumb to flip to page 2, or 3 or 4 or 5...or pressure on left side of thumb to page back. life and access to the universe was "d-pad centric". Im curious what you're experience is with the well as the virtual keyboard ? thanks.
    Honestly, I'm still getting acclimated to it. Having it out of commission due to my failed percentage battery patch install yesterday didn't help.

    I'm still trying to find the PreWare Virtual Keyboard on my phone, I installed it, know its there but its disappeared.

    I haven't really used the one I paid for since the first day, I prefer the look of the Preware keyboard more. If I have to learn one, I'd rather it be the one I like more.
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    wowzers! okay NOW i see why peeps love this pre+ and webos stuff. I get it now. and foud nmyself spending hours just tweaking and experimenting with patches to get this device to behave like i want. amazing.

    here's something i found by accident though, and many folks may enjoy tihs.

    i used to use the ultra battery on my treos. LOVED it..felt great in hand..even easier thumg operation.

    I read about the seidio 2600 mod but knew that i LOVED my treo 3500 (i think it ws 3500..3600?) battery.

    I got the mugen 3800 for pre+. HATED the piano case thing. hated it.
    then, i tried the otter box case for the original puny battery. loved the case. hated the puny battery life. but i loved how great the darn thing felt in my hand now..and so much easier to leverage the slider. no slipping.. the edges of the ottter case made it SO easy.

    i tried the mugen 3800 again.but, as a goof, i asked mr mod himself, member sburlbaw, for the mod of the 3800 mugen door. he did it..and i loved the battery life again. but STILL hated the piano case and the pre front. it always required a VISUAL to detemine the up or down side of the phone.

    anyway, i tried this: left the FRONT of the otterbox on the pre+. attached the mugen 3800 battery and modified door, and wowzer again. surprise surprise.

    the pre+, w/otterbox front, now fits AMAZINGLY well in my hand, and the slider is effortly with the traction from the rubbery ottercase. I can also put the phone face down on a table, and not worry about scratching screen or pre hardware case. then, cool, the 3800 door has a smooth cutaway for the camera and flash. Well, guess what, that cutaway acts like an amazing finger rest when holding the phone. no need to hold really..the phone can rest in your hand, with your forefinger or other all comfy secured against the camera cutaway. the otterbox fron has a little cutout also right at the USB door area and, guess what, with phone resting in hand...and forefinger in the camera cutout in thumbpad just rests against the lip of the otterbox edge and a little "gesture-like" slide of the thumb and my pre+ is open....and same to gently close it.

    it's become a totally 1 handed item now, much like my treo was. i regularly open the slider with just the slight flick of thumb against side of the otterbox front...almost as if gently pinching between thumb (on ottercase), and forefinger (in camera cutout).

    sure, the phone looks a bit large...but im in this for functionality, not aesthetics. my phone lasts LONG LONG LONG time...and no worries about power. i have a TS in the car and 2 in house...but its rare that i have to be rejuicing. i can also have several apps open all day..or using data...etc etc.

    the phone has some substance to it now so i dont have to worry abbout it sliding out of my hand or slipping between some papers on a desk.

    i still miss my 755 keyboard though, and the dpad but im learnign to move on and embrace this whole pre+ device adventure now.

    and i said..WOWZER. thanks to everyone that helped me get started on that.

    im having buggy issues with conflicting patches but im working thorugh that...

    Love it. never ever thought id say that but, yup, i get it now. really do.

    thanks again to everyone that helped me get into the preware stuff.
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