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    Hey Folks,

    To make my long story really short. I had Sprint and the Pre for my new upgrade, several months into my renewal contract. Sprint withdrew my addition 30.00 per/mo discount, Sprint gave me an out, so I did. I went with the Iphone 4 with ATT, love the screen and the quickness of the iphone, but was not in love with there software. So, this brings me back to the Palm Pre Plus.
    Does anyone know where I can get a new or used Pre Plus on ATT? This is going to be out of contract purchase, looking to spend no more than $140.00

    Thank you, Jay

    I'm in SoCal
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    Have you thought about buyibg an unlocked Pre? It will cost more that you want to spend... But you can sell your iPhone to cover it.
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    I still have my Sprint pre that's in mint condition.
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    sell that too!
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    You could look around Craigslist or ebay, they can go pretty cheap for a VZW pre plus.. (not sure about AT&T)

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    Also, take a look in the Marketplace forums here on PreCentral
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    Search for Palm Pre Plus at the site. They have some in excellent condition for $175.

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