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    I need an app or patch that will allow me to automatically send Blocked Numbers to Voice mail or just drop them all together. Please help.
    I searched and searched but couldn't find an answer.
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    There is a patch Call Block but it did not work perfectly to me. You can try it and see.
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    check out

    It's free, and it has some features like "dumping callers"

    I haven't used anything else for voicemail in several years.

    Also, did you check in to Google Voice? It may also have such a feature.

    Finally, did you call your carrier to see if they have that feature in the network? Land line companies have a feature to stop calls from blocked numbers. I subscribed to that at home until the govt do-not-call list was invented.
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    Thanks I watched a demo and it sounds like it will do exactly what I want.
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    which one?
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    Google voice will do this, and a -lot- more.

    I've been using it since clear back when it was grand central and it's absolutely awesome. Choose who can get through and who cant, kick them to voicemail automatically, even kick to voicemail AND listen in while they leave the message (and cut in mid-voicemail if you want to talk to the person). Can configure callers to be sent to multiple phones (like a work desk, home, etc), and even configure this to happen at specific times. You can also easily switch from one phone to another mid-call with a simple button press that will ring your pocket or desk for you to pick up and continue your call. It'll pass your caller ID no problem and you can set it up to announce the caller (it will tell you who is on the line and ask if you want to accept the call, a feature I personally turn off, but it might be useful for you). It also transcribes voicemails into text and e-mails or texts them to you for easy reading, and you can dial in to hear them or look them up online. It just works.

    I'm not sure how I got along without it. Google voice is something I would physically -pay- for if I had to. I'd say it's the single most useful free service I subscribe to, even above my gmail.

    Also nice is the ability to pick your own phone number. I played around until I found a nice number that spelled something fun and relevant to the work I do, -nobody- can forget my phone number.
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    Sorry, there were two suggestions made.

    I watched a video review by weOSroundup on the YouView Palm app by Syntactix

    Sorry I don't have enough post to submit the links.

    you can find it a youmail dot com
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    I use the call block patch. I have a list of numbers in my phone book that if they call, the phone picks up then immediately hangs up. I think there is a way to send them to VM instead. I think there is a patch to do this with blocked numbers as well.
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    The patch Do not Answer works great. Simply name the blocked number Do Not Answer. Then when that number calls the phone never rings, you never even see it on the phone. The only way to tell is looking in your call history. I had a fax machine or something calling me for 6 months day and night. This app worked great. Look in Preware under patches.
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    I use a patch that is listed in Preware under "Contacts", it's called Per Contact call rejection Or something very similar. It adds the option to send to voicemail or pickup/hangup in your Contacts options in your address book. It works very well for me.
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    sconix's advanced system preference patch incorporates the blocked, unknown number blocking, and the send to voicemail option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    sconix advance system preference patch incorporates the blocked unknown number blocking and the send to voicemail option.

    Unknown contacts | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    This is what I use and I find it to be the best approach.
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    When I had my Pre, I used the patch to block anyone not in my contacts and it worked perfectly.

    When I changed my number with Sprint, the one they gave me used to belong to Gomez and apparently, he never paid a single bill in his life. That got annoying really fast.
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    this is just one of the MANY great features of sconix's patch

    [QUOTE=mamouton;2813215]sconix's advanced system preference patch incorporates the blocked, unknown number blocking, and the send to voicemail option.



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