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    My wife and I each have a Palm Pre Plus, and we use the hotspot all the time for our laptops. Lately, my wife's phone has had a problem. When the hotspot is turned on, even when the phone is next to the laptop, the connection strength on the computer is fair to poor. Often we can't connect to her phone due to this problem, and when we do connect, the connection keeps dropping. My phone does not have this problem. We can't rely on my phone alone because she often needs the hotspot for her and the kids while I'm at work. Does anyone have an idea what's wrong or a solution for the problem? Thanks!
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    How is her regular wifi strength when connecting to a hotspot.
    I saw once a post, where someone figured out, that his wifi antenna was not correctly. He could repair it, but it wasn't easy.
    You may find the post.
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    I've found some links for you:
    This thread:
    is finally pointing to this:
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    Thank you, but you may have misunderstood. The problem is not with the phone accessing networks. That works fine. The problem is that the phone itself cannot be used as a hotspot because the hotspot signal is weak.

    The threads linked to all have to do with the phone accessing a network, not with a computer trying to access the phone's hotspot.

    Further input is appreciated.

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