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    I have been searching the web, PreCentral, and am about to call Verizon because whenever I try to transfer a "large" amount of data (120Mb - 600mb) to any of my family's Pre+ phones it gets a little way through then there is a long pause, and it says it can't write to that location, and in a few seconds a message pops up on the notify icons area saying "Windows - Delayed Write Error" and I can no longer eject the phone, have to unplug the cable, and wait for the phone to come back. When this happens, I'll plug back in and look in the directory and most of the files (like a batch of photos or mp3s) will be there but every now and then one of them will be corrupted (or partial).

    This even happens when I get a brand new (replacement/refirb) phone from Verizon (I'm on my 5th) and try to use USB mode. It also happens on multiple computers. It also happens if I'm in developer mode w/ Novacom drivers installed properly. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Am I the only one experiencing this? Help!!

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    What kind of usb cable are you using? You might want to try switching it out.
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    Make sure you have the latest windows updates, service packs, and chipset drivers for that PC.

    Otherwise look to see if you have Enable Write Caching on Disk Enabled. Open My Computer, right click the Palm Pre drive and select Properties, select the Hardware tab, hit the properties button there, click on the policies tab there. Look for the Enable Write Caching on Disk option and if enabled, disable it. Trying to remember but to think with latest WinXP SP what should be enabled is Optimize for Quick Removal and not Optimize for Performance. If Optimize for Performance is selected, set it to Optimize for Quick Removal and hit ok.

    Stupid WinXP bug, well really its winxp not able to handle newer mobos.
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    I think I found it... It seems to be occurring only on my Windows XP computers! I tried on my work laptop which is Win7 64bit and it is working flawlessly (same Palm original USB cable I used on all of the other computers). So if someone finds this thread - try a totally different computer w/ an O/S other than Windows XP and see if it helps. Also, be sure developer mode is off before trying...
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    Same original Palm USB cable - but it now works on Win7 (see below) - thanks for the suggestion though!
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    Thank you both for your replies! I knew I could count on this forum for help!
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    Glad you resolved your problem.
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    Unfortunately, switching to a non-XP machine isn't the best solution for me, and the tips from addiarmadar did not solve the 'delayed write error' for me.

    I suppose I can zip-email-unzip using Internalz or a similar File Manager, but would love some other suggestions if anyone has them.

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